Reign of Winter

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Katryn Log: 15th of Sarenith
The Adventure Begins

Today is the first day of my journey, and already I worry. I found myself slipping when I heard that a witch was involved in the kidnapping of a noblewoman, though I kept myself sane long enough to join a group of people to rescue her.

This party of adventurers I find myself with remind me a little of myself. First there is the mage. Her cold disposition and her lack of care for life reminds me far too much of my captors, though her joining us gives me some hope for her, though.

Next there is Sylvnx. I didn’t get much time to learn about him. I couldn’t bring myself to ask him much before Councilor Ionnia Teppen came to seek our aid. He nearly died, and my heart nearly shattered. It would have been terrible to lose the only other one of my kind in this strange land.

Telom Fogmeyen gives me some happiness. The little man has an answer to everything that fills me with hope.

The strange metal man is silent and makes intersting carvings. I wish I could keep as cool.

The worst part is the unnatural cold. I left the north with hopes that I would no longer have to feel it. I remember the room the mages put me in, with nothing but my fur to keep me warm. It was lonely, and cold. I didn’t know why they had me in there, but my saviors said it has something to do with testing the catfolk’s natural resistances to elements, whatever that means.

I nearly froze out thre today, and I lost myself, fighting creatuers of cold that tried to push me, forcing me into the cold. I wanted to tear them apart, sink my claws into their jagged icy bodies and slay the embodiement of that fear.

I was so scared and felt so alone after that. But then, when Sylvnx was lying in the ground, his blood staining the snow, I found my rage coming again, but this time I used it to perform a feat of strength, tossing Telom over to him, and allowing the little man to save his life.

I do not know what to think about this. My curse was used to help save someone, but how long before I hurt them, or worse?

Zantai's Log

This place still confuses me. Wandering for years, and i am still no closer to where i came from. When i wandered into this town here, i was drawn into a strange circumstance with winter in the middle of summer. This is beyond confusing. I may be able to find something here. The few who are willing to brave this seem trustworthy. Of a sort. Still have no clue what to make of the Orc. But they seem perfecly fine with fighting alongside me.

The collection is starting to get large though. For everything i take out of the world, i have to build something in its place. I wish i understood the means to create more like myslef. But for now, i have to settle with these small figures.

It seems that the bandits were opportunist that made advantage of the sudden winter to raid a caravan and kidnap a local noble. I wish we thought to capture one to see if they new what caused the odd weather. Weve located the kidnapped noble, and are ready to move back to town. Now if only we can make it without further incident. I would rather not add to my collection.

Katryn's Log 2

Today we stumbled upon an abandoned ranger outpost. To our surprise, it was filled with bandits, all sick with some disease. As I write this, I am suffering from whatever ailed them, and how I got it was hazy. I remember trying to talk some of the sick bandits down, then one punched me in the face, and then… then I was running from zombies in the frigid cold covered in blood from various sources. I am so grateful that I haven’t harmed any of my friends.

Siliel's Story Unfolding: Chapter One

I came to this small town to continue my search for money and more advanced firearms, and found a plethora of oddities. Where shall I begin? The weather is cold for a tropic region, so cold that there is even snow. Second is the people. Among your every day average Joe villagers a number of adventurous seeming people,if they even deserve a term as polite as that.

There is the disgustingly optimistic gnome, the hulking door man, they eye-patch wearing feline with a hatred of magic, the metal faced man, and the horribly happy cat. We were all recruited as a last minute rag tag team to find some missing noble women. I only agreed to join them because of the gold reward offered for the completion of the task. We set off, after a short shopping trip, for the forest beyond the town’s boundaries. Much to my surprise, they are not completely incompetent. Well, at least, not all of them that is. The doorman and the gnome seem to be of some use, not so much the rest of the lot. At least they are not my responsibility.

I aim to take advantage of the seeming lack of intelligence of the door man, so that I may further my own goals. The sooner I have him at my will, the sooner I can leave this group of misfits behind me with some benefit.

Katryn's Log 3

We spent most of our day tracking a weasel, but we found the spirit of a little girl stuck to a doll. My blood boiled at the thought of what that girl had been through, just to work some hut.

We destroyed the detestable thing, but I was attacked by the weasel. As it struck, my mind flashed back to the first time I was sent to the arena. My claws were sharpened on the blood of many. I dare not think of how many. The only reason I survived was because those others died.

So many died…

Notes of Events 1 (session 4?)
Telom's Notes to self

>Tiny, tiny fey- hard to hit, especially in the snow and very dangerous…need to brew more true strike to avoid a similar situation, good to learn early.
>The gun wizard is stubborn and foolish. She want to rest even though she is unharmed while both me and Katryn are WOUNDED. She claims she needs to rest for her spell (I get it) but her weapon would suffice for the night. She will get nicer to us one day, even if it is in her interest to keep us on her side.
>Frost Furs in pack are itching to be crafted into a tanglefoot bag
>Zantai and Sylynx have returned from town, I thought they stayed behind for good. Nice to have them back.
>Meet the Black Rider of Baba Yaga, learned how to stop the cold. To stop the cold is to venture into Isseren and battle the current queen. I’m sure I find something neat there.
>Killed troll, nothing of use discovered.
>Warped to Isseren, met giant mantis, killed giant mantis, met Nadya Petska. Informed her of her daughter’s fate (the strange doll and ghost, may the gods give her peace). She will aid us.
>Met an icy bard, nice music, but meeting such a person was too good to be true in this situation. We tried to lie to keep our motives unclear, but Siliel told the bard that she was sent here by an old man in the woods. With all my years of being near adventurers, it is clear that they are the only type of people who would encounter such a strange thing. Perhaps she will learn from this mistake and perhaps the bard forgets what she heard and saw…perhaps.
>BIRDS, clawing and scratching. Katryn’s eyes were wounded but quick treatment prevented damage.
>Town, sold everything and divided the shares, they trust me with their gold :), they are growing fond of me.
>Bartender and his wife try to drive us out of town, force required, they burnt their stuff. No deaths, perhaps these are the only violent locals.
>stock-12 healing potions_good- 4 weapon poison_low, require more-1 liquid blade_emergency only -3 sunrods_not important now -trail rations_bear jerky, good -500 gold for brewing and alchemy for group.

Siliel's Story Unfolding: Chapter Two

This rag tag team of misfits seems to show an utter disregard for the help I give them. They are completely ungrateful for my actions. I saved their lives and they try to pawn off first watch ON ME? I am an asset to this “Team” that the others have yet to realize.

After yet another polar bear attack we were left with more unusable amounts of meat and we trudged forward. After some amount of travel we came across the source of this wretched cold: A portal to Irrisen. We dispatched of its guardian with little hassle and were shortly there after met with the arrival of a strange old man. He went on and on, spewing nonsense about being a “Black Rider of Baba Yaga”. Needless to say, these are nothing but the words of a madman. He told us that we would have to deactivate some sort of tower using the “keys” he gave us, that were nothing more than random objects. One of these is a mask that I took into my possession. He proceeded to “activate” the “Keys” by slitting his throat and ending his poor excuse for an existence.

Sadly, these fools I’ve been cooperating with dragged me through the portal, via the rope that tied us all together in this abominable snow, and to a nearby village. Here we took refuge from an oncoming blizzard inside of an igloo, where we were spoken to by a woman standing outside. She questioned us about our reasons for being in Irrisen. I saw no harm in telling her about the crazed old man in the forest who told us to come here. While I may not have seen anything wrong in my words, the other members of the party showed their disapproval. In the morning we wandered the town and found that it was strikingly similar to the one we had left on the other side of world, villagers included. Shortly afterwards we were attacked by a couple at the local pub. We quickly dispatched of them due to their less than mediocre fightong ability, and I personally left their establishment ablaze.

For how much longer will I have to deal with these imbeciles? And for how much longer must I wait for my goals to be met? Only time will tell . . .

Katryn's Log 4

Our journies took us to a strange portal in the center of the forest. There we faced a troll, which we felled easily, but a man emerged from the portal. Claiming to be a servant of the queen of witches, my blood began to boil, but he told us that she was betrayed by her daughter, typical arcane behavior, and Elvana, queen of Irrisen, was planning on making the whole world frozen in ice.

I cannot allow that to happen, but I feel slightly dirty for agreeing to help a witch stop another witch, but I can’t help but think about how much stronger I feel. The power is quite a rush…

Siliel's Story Unfolding: Chapter Three

I̡n͜ ̵th͞e c̴onţin͝ue͟d j͜ou͢ŕǹe͟y͘s of ̀tḩis̸ ͜g̷r҉ou̶p͜ ǫf̵ mi̢s͏fits,̧ ͏w̡e fo̡und̷ qu̡ite͞ an̴ ͟ev͜e͠n͘tf͝u̕l ̷cha̛l̢le͝n͢ge̷.̢ ͘It̷ ̷s͠eem̷s͏ tha͡t th̕e͏ ̀g͘u̵a͝r̵ds͏ wére̛ ͢sȩarc͢hing̷ ͡for̢ ͠u̸s, ̸a҉n̢d̡ ҉w͠e ͝we͟r̢e ͠al͡mo͠st ̡ov͢e͘r͜w̛h́elm͘e͝d.̕ ͘The ̶gr̛o͘úp i̸s͢ i҉nc͘apabl͞e ͡of ha̧n͠d̕ling ̨larg̛e͜ num̵ber͝s, as̴ ̴i͜t ͞c̡am͏e ̸d͜own t͢o͟ ͘Skin͡n҉e͡r ̸an̛d̀ ̸m̨ys͘el̸f̡ ̶finís͞h́ing o҉f̛f̡ ̷t͢h̵e͠ re̴main̛i̢ng̀ g̵u̴ards̵ wh͏i҉l҉s̀t̵ t̢he g͏ņome ͠tried ̡d͝es͠p҉e̛r͜at́ely͢ ͢to͡ s҉a͞ve ͏th͡e̛ ҉f͜ǫol̢s̵ ́w͝h͞o a͘lmoşt ͝ģot͡ ͟th̀e͠m̢se͜lv͟ès ͜k͜i͟lle҉d͝.͞ ̧My͜ ̨han̨d̴ was ín͠jur͢ed҉ ̶in͡ t̶he͝ ͝b̀att̀le, he̛nc̢e the ́ho͏rrid ̨h̡a̕n͟dw̸r̴it́ing. Į wis̛h I̕ c̴o͏u͞l͝d write̸ mor͠e, ̨b͟u͞t ̷t̵ha̕t̶ wi͜l̵l͟ h͟avę to̧ w̷a͜i̛t̡ u̧nt̡il my ̛h́a͘n͘d͠ ̡h͞as ͜h̢ęal̢e͏d͢.

It has been a few days, my hand other party injuries have healed. We left the town and headed to complete the nonsensical mission given to us by the crazed old man in the woods. Shortly afterwards we encountered a conniving bird who tried to fly away with the gnome. It wasn’t long before Skinner knocked the wretched thing straight out of the sky. Afterwards we continued and I was surprised to find that the old mans words may not all have been pure nonsense. We found a magically enchanted tower made of pure ice, that hurt anyone that crossed into it. It seems to fit the description the man gave us. Once inside, we faced three puny guards and an Ice troll. The guards were quickly disposed of by my “Comrades”. I personally saw to the troll’s demise by obliterating the creature with a Scorching ray spell that I channeled through my musket.

We shall now continue on this ludicrous mission and venture farther into the tower. Maybe I’ll get lucky and maybe that moron, Katryn, will get herself killed. I have now seen first hand that she loses her mind in battle. She was stupid enough to attack Skinner. That action should speak for itself. I can’t have her running around and being a risk to my safety. Not only she a complete imbecile, but she is highly obnoxious as well. I have an extreme dislike for the eye patch wearing, and psychotic, feline. This should be quite obvious by now.


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