Reign of Winter

Katryn Log 10

I find myself thinking clearer now. I can control the rage. My anger is now a part of me.I have to live with that, and I must help my sister.

Katryn Log 9

I faced the man who did those horrible things to me. I mowed down many of his creations, one after another as he came after me, but I could not keep fighting. When he sent my own sister after me, I collapsed, exhausted, and injured. My friends were able to disable him and revived me. He taunted me, wanting me to kill him, but I would not. In that moment I realize that if I did kill him, I would be playing right into his hands.

I am a monster, and I must change that.

We saved my sister and I vow to control myself, to find a way to channel this anger into something positive and show her how to live her life separated from that mad man.

We rescued children from his clutches. If I were a better person I would have adopted them all if I could. But I must continue on and I will take my sister with me. Maybe together we can defeat that wolf who continues to haunt us.

Katryn Log 8

So much time has passed since I last reflected on what happened. We had so many battles, that they seem to bleed together. Even when Siliel was dragged, kicking and screaming by some Horrible Thing, my mind was clouded, as if I was going through the motions with no real goal in sight.

Our travels were scarred by a monstrous winter wolf. No matter how many times we tried to kill him, he would always come back. He is like a nightmare, personified, and I feel myself slipping deeper and deeper every time we face him. In fact, sometimes I hear whispers, whispers from Siliel, and those from Zantai are growing stronger…

Once we arrived in Whitethrone, we met a gatekeeper named Greta. She is a winter wolf, and by the way she wielded her axe, I saw her as a powerful fighter. But I did not sense the same sort of feral evil that was in that other wolf nor his minions he sent to kill us. She took a fancy to Telom while he was disguised as a Winter Wolf, but he paid her no mind. The party suggested getting close to her in order to seek aid from someone inside the town. I volunteered because no one else wanted to. So I donned a hat of disguise and the same item that allowed Telom to be a wolf.

During my talk with Greta, we talked about a great many things, but I turned the conversation mostly toward our quest. The more time I spent with her, the more time I wished she was my friend, and the more I felt terrible for deceiving her. When my one disguise failed, she could smell the deception. I came clean and showed my true form, and she was most displeased. Though she was happy to help us rescue that monster Baba Yaga, she did not seem to want to have anything to do with me.

I have found him! Dr. Zerstung! The man who was responsible for the terrrible things that have happened to me! He will pay for what he has done, for the lives he has ruined, for the children he twisted into terrible creaturs. For turning me into the monster I am today!

Katryn's Log 7

Zantai and that mage are dead. Serves her right, that arrogant bitch caused this by jumping ahead, leading us to our doom! I feel myself losing my patience more and more. Everything is becoming a blur. There was a blue lady and a bearded guy and some ice dragon or something.

But I won’t forget my comrades, my fallen friends. I carved two statues for Zantai. One for the last kill we had together, and the other for me to carry to remember him by. When I hold it it feels that he is still fighting by my side, forever…

Siliel's Story Unfolding: Chapter Four. the final chapter

It seems as though my tale was cut short . . it has been brought to an abrupt end . . . It seems that this shall be my final chapter . . . My journey was short, as my life . . . I will never complete my goals . . never find happiness . . . at least I can leave this horrid world with the knowledge that I will not be missed. Who could ever miss someone like me? Someone who only ever thought of themself . . . They won’t miss me . . it’s better that way . . . I see a river…

Katryn's Log 6

After waking up covered in gore, I decided the first thing I should do is get washed off and dress in clean clothes. Luckily the place where we rested was a bathing area, so I quickly took advantage of that. The others didn’t really bother me, and truth be told it wouldn’t bother me for them to see. After all, my fur was my only clothing for a long time, locked in those rooms, forced into death matches against other children like me…

We ascended the stairs and faced Muriel, I helped to end her, because it was her who sent those guards after us. Unfortunately, the spellcaster decided to open doors qucikly and put us all in danger. I was called upon to use my rage against a giant of a woman who healed supernaturally fast. Zantai, Zantai, he took attacks for me and even, I feel, protected others when I was uncontrollable. Things begin to blur. I hope to apologize because I did scratch him up pretty good today.

I’m sorry I can’t control myself.

Katryn's Log 5

Today we were ambushed by a platoon of guards, and I ripped a few to shreds. AFterwards we ran into a bird, who tried to fly off with Telom. I could only watch in fear and confusion as Skinner and the others tried to hit it, my shots were useless against its magical ability.

Now we find ourselves in the Pale tower, and I can only imagine what we will find.

Siliel's Story Unfolding: Chapter Three

I̡n͜ ̵th͞e c̴onţin͝ue͟d j͜ou͢ŕǹe͟y͘s of ̀tḩis̸ ͜g̷r҉ou̶p͜ ǫf̵ mi̢s͏fits,̧ ͏w̡e fo̡und̷ qu̡ite͞ an̴ ͟ev͜e͠n͘tf͝u̕l ̷cha̛l̢le͝n͢ge̷.̢ ͘It̷ ̷s͠eem̷s͏ tha͡t th̕e͏ ̀g͘u̵a͝r̵ds͏ wére̛ ͢sȩarc͢hing̷ ͡for̢ ͠u̸s, ̸a҉n̢d̡ ҉w͠e ͝we͟r̢e ͠al͡mo͠st ̡ov͢e͘r͜w̛h́elm͘e͝d.̕ ͘The ̶gr̛o͘úp i̸s͢ i҉nc͘apabl͞e ͡of ha̧n͠d̕ling ̨larg̛e͜ num̵ber͝s, as̴ ̴i͜t ͞c̡am͏e ̸d͜own t͢o͟ ͘Skin͡n҉e͡r ̸an̛d̀ ̸m̨ys͘el̸f̡ ̶finís͞h́ing o҉f̛f̡ ̷t͢h̵e͠ re̴main̛i̢ng̀ g̵u̴ards̵ wh͏i҉l҉s̀t̵ t̢he g͏ņome ͠tried ̡d͝es͠p҉e̛r͜at́ely͢ ͢to͡ s҉a͞ve ͏th͡e̛ ҉f͜ǫol̢s̵ ́w͝h͞o a͘lmoşt ͝ģot͡ ͟th̀e͠m̢se͜lv͟ès ͜k͜i͟lle҉d͝.͞ ̧My͜ ̨han̨d̴ was ín͠jur͢ed҉ ̶in͡ t̶he͝ ͝b̀att̀le, he̛nc̢e the ́ho͏rrid ̨h̡a̕n͟dw̸r̴it́ing. Į wis̛h I̕ c̴o͏u͞l͝d write̸ mor͠e, ̨b͟u͞t ̷t̵ha̕t̶ wi͜l̵l͟ h͟avę to̧ w̷a͜i̛t̡ u̧nt̡il my ̛h́a͘n͘d͠ ̡h͞as ͜h̢ęal̢e͏d͢.

It has been a few days, my hand other party injuries have healed. We left the town and headed to complete the nonsensical mission given to us by the crazed old man in the woods. Shortly afterwards we encountered a conniving bird who tried to fly away with the gnome. It wasn’t long before Skinner knocked the wretched thing straight out of the sky. Afterwards we continued and I was surprised to find that the old mans words may not all have been pure nonsense. We found a magically enchanted tower made of pure ice, that hurt anyone that crossed into it. It seems to fit the description the man gave us. Once inside, we faced three puny guards and an Ice troll. The guards were quickly disposed of by my “Comrades”. I personally saw to the troll’s demise by obliterating the creature with a Scorching ray spell that I channeled through my musket.

We shall now continue on this ludicrous mission and venture farther into the tower. Maybe I’ll get lucky and maybe that moron, Katryn, will get herself killed. I have now seen first hand that she loses her mind in battle. She was stupid enough to attack Skinner. That action should speak for itself. I can’t have her running around and being a risk to my safety. Not only she a complete imbecile, but she is highly obnoxious as well. I have an extreme dislike for the eye patch wearing, and psychotic, feline. This should be quite obvious by now.

Katryn's Log 4

Our journies took us to a strange portal in the center of the forest. There we faced a troll, which we felled easily, but a man emerged from the portal. Claiming to be a servant of the queen of witches, my blood began to boil, but he told us that she was betrayed by her daughter, typical arcane behavior, and Elvana, queen of Irrisen, was planning on making the whole world frozen in ice.

I cannot allow that to happen, but I feel slightly dirty for agreeing to help a witch stop another witch, but I can’t help but think about how much stronger I feel. The power is quite a rush…

Siliel's Story Unfolding: Chapter Two

This rag tag team of misfits seems to show an utter disregard for the help I give them. They are completely ungrateful for my actions. I saved their lives and they try to pawn off first watch ON ME? I am an asset to this “Team” that the others have yet to realize.

After yet another polar bear attack we were left with more unusable amounts of meat and we trudged forward. After some amount of travel we came across the source of this wretched cold: A portal to Irrisen. We dispatched of its guardian with little hassle and were shortly there after met with the arrival of a strange old man. He went on and on, spewing nonsense about being a “Black Rider of Baba Yaga”. Needless to say, these are nothing but the words of a madman. He told us that we would have to deactivate some sort of tower using the “keys” he gave us, that were nothing more than random objects. One of these is a mask that I took into my possession. He proceeded to “activate” the “Keys” by slitting his throat and ending his poor excuse for an existence.

Sadly, these fools I’ve been cooperating with dragged me through the portal, via the rope that tied us all together in this abominable snow, and to a nearby village. Here we took refuge from an oncoming blizzard inside of an igloo, where we were spoken to by a woman standing outside. She questioned us about our reasons for being in Irrisen. I saw no harm in telling her about the crazed old man in the forest who told us to come here. While I may not have seen anything wrong in my words, the other members of the party showed their disapproval. In the morning we wandered the town and found that it was strikingly similar to the one we had left on the other side of world, villagers included. Shortly afterwards we were attacked by a couple at the local pub. We quickly dispatched of them due to their less than mediocre fightong ability, and I personally left their establishment ablaze.

For how much longer will I have to deal with these imbeciles? And for how much longer must I wait for my goals to be met? Only time will tell . . .


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