Reign of Winter

Katryn Log: 15th of Sarenith
The Adventure Begins

Today is the first day of my journey, and already I worry. I found myself slipping when I heard that a witch was involved in the kidnapping of a noblewoman, though I kept myself sane long enough to join a group of people to rescue her.

This party of adventurers I find myself with remind me a little of myself. First there is the mage. Her cold disposition and her lack of care for life reminds me far too much of my captors, though her joining us gives me some hope for her, though.

Next there is Sylvnx. I didn’t get much time to learn about him. I couldn’t bring myself to ask him much before Councilor Ionnia Teppen came to seek our aid. He nearly died, and my heart nearly shattered. It would have been terrible to lose the only other one of my kind in this strange land.

Telom Fogmeyen gives me some happiness. The little man has an answer to everything that fills me with hope.

The strange metal man is silent and makes intersting carvings. I wish I could keep as cool.

The worst part is the unnatural cold. I left the north with hopes that I would no longer have to feel it. I remember the room the mages put me in, with nothing but my fur to keep me warm. It was lonely, and cold. I didn’t know why they had me in there, but my saviors said it has something to do with testing the catfolk’s natural resistances to elements, whatever that means.

I nearly froze out thre today, and I lost myself, fighting creatuers of cold that tried to push me, forcing me into the cold. I wanted to tear them apart, sink my claws into their jagged icy bodies and slay the embodiement of that fear.

I was so scared and felt so alone after that. But then, when Sylvnx was lying in the ground, his blood staining the snow, I found my rage coming again, but this time I used it to perform a feat of strength, tossing Telom over to him, and allowing the little man to save his life.

I do not know what to think about this. My curse was used to help save someone, but how long before I hurt them, or worse?

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