+6/ +6 quarterstaff impact
speak with plants/ speak with animals at will
awaken plant /awaken animal 1/ week at no cost
3/day number of summoned creatures maximized and have the Giant Template Size increase by one category; AC increase natural armor by +3; Attacks increase dice rolled by 1 step; Ability Scores +4 size bonus to Str and Con, –2 Dex.
everything you summon has the Celestial Template Senses The creature gains darkvision 60ft.
Defensive Abilities The creature gains damage reduction and energy resistance as noted on Table: Celestial Creature Defense. SR The creature gains spell resistance equal to its new CR +5
Special Attacks The creature may smite evil 1/day as a swift action (it adds its Cha bonus to attack rolls, and a damage bonus equal to its HD against evil foes; smite persists until the target is dead or the celestial creature rests).
you summon one creature with all summon spells
can ignore some spell fluff requirements
also works as a Staff of the Hierophant cl25
Bless (1 charge)
Cure moderate wounds (1 charge)
Freedom of movement (1 charge)
Hold person (heightened to 5th level, 1 charge)
Prayer (1 charge)
Searing light (1 charge)
Cure critical wounds (2 charges)
Flame strike (2 charges)
Righteous might (2 charges)
True seeing (2 charges)

The wielder of a staff of the hierophant gains a +2 luck bonus to AC and on saving throws. and its wielder may use it to smite opponents. If 1 charge is expended (as a free action), the staff deals double damage (x3 on a critical hit) for 1 round.



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