Sir Melvin

excalibur sword of ancient kings

weapon (melee)

Major Artifact
senses 120ft darkvision Blindsense
sense evil constant 120ft
smite /5/day using your hd as paladin level
+4 vs fear for self and anyone within 10 feet
Immunity to fear
lay on hands8/day
read magic
sense motive +15 Linguistics +15 knowledge history +10 10 ranks in Perception +15 profession solider +15 diplomacy +18
common, infernal,Abyssal,Celestial,terran,Draconic,Dwarven,Elven, Undercommon,Sylvan,Ignan,Giant,Aklo,goblin
Eaglesoul at will

counts as silver and cold iron
Item can use true resurrection on wielder, once per month
+7 holy burst keen mythic bane +10 sonic dmg
lesser restoration 1/day
end 1 condition 1/day
followers or people you lead get a +3 on attacks saves damage skill checks and 30 temporary hitpoints
Item can change shape into one other form of the same size bastard sword
Wielder gets +2 luck bonus on attacks, saves, and checks
+4 bonus to leadership score
+10 bonus on kingdom stabilization checks
sonic resistance 30


this longsword feels lighter than it should and glows with an unusual aura reviled itself as Sir melvin to the bard took control of her and coup de grace the winter wolf that had it. talked about being used in the Shining Crusade almost a thousand years ago a few days later. Its quest is to destroy evil

Sir Melvin

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