armor of tadakatsu honda


o-yoroi +5 Bolstering Champion Deathless Jousting Rallying light fortification,

Armor Bonus 16

Maximum Dex Bonus 6

Armor Check Penalty 0


no movement speed pen

Great Invulnerability dr 8/-

Energy Resistance all 20

+4 sacred bonus to Str and con

Spell resistance (15


This armor protects its wearer from harmful negative and positive energy, including channeled energy. The armor absorbs the first 10 points of positive or negative energy damage per attack that the wearer would normally take. The wearer has a 25% chance to ignore negative levels from any attack. Deathless armor does not block healing of any kind and does not protect against positive or negative energy effects that do not deal damage or bestow negative levels. The deathless ability can be applied to armor of any sort, but not shields.

Anytime the wearer of bolstering armor damages a creature with a melee or ranged attack, he gains a +2 competence bonus on saving throws against that creature’s abilities until the start of his next turn. The bolstering ability can be applied to medium armor, heavy armor, light shields, heavy shields, and tower shields, but not light armor or bucklers.

This armor special ability works only for creatures with the challenge ability . A wearer with one of these abilities gains a +2 sacred bonus to AC against attacks from the chosen opponent.

This suit of armor helps its wearer remain mounted and in control of his mount. The wearer gains a +5 competence bonus on Ride skill checks.

Ups banner morale bonus vs fear by +4

armor of tadakatsu honda

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