+6 armguards Thundering Ki Intensifying Flaming Burst Nullifying
sets unarmed strike dmg to 9d8 regardless of size 3/day
+5 shield bonus to ac
+6 to hit and dmg
ignores 10 points of harness
+ 1 attack on flurry of blows
sets unarmed strike dmg 2x normal


The weapon channels and amplifies the wielder’s ki, allowing her to use her special ki attacks through the weapon as though they were unarmed attacks. These attacks include the monk’s ki strike, quivering palm, and the Stunning Fist feat. The save DC for ki abilities used through the weapon increases by half the enhancement bonus of the weapon (minimum 1).

After a successful strike with a ki intensifying weapon, the wielder can spend 1 ki point as a swift action to perform a combat maneuver to bull rush, disarm, reposition, or trip as a free action without provoking attacks of opportunity. Any bonuses or penalties applicable to the weapon attack also apply to this combat maneuver check. The wielder cannot move from her space as a part of the chosen maneuver.

Only melee weapons can have the ki intensifying ability. It cannot be placed on an amulet of mighty fist or similar non-weapon item. Weapons with the ki focus ability can be upgraded to be ki intensifying.

This special ability can only be placed on melee weapons. A nullifying weapon suppresses a creature’s spell resistance for a short amount of time. Anytime the weapon strikes a creature with spell resistance and the creature takes damage from the weapon, the target’s spell resistance is reduced by 1 for 1 minute. On a confirmed critical hit, its spell resistance is instead reduced by an amount equal to the weapon’s critical multiplier. Multiple hits from a nullifying weapon stack.


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