Reign of Winter

Siliel's Story Unfolding: Chapter Two

This rag tag team of misfits seems to show an utter disregard for the help I give them. They are completely ungrateful for my actions. I saved their lives and they try to pawn off first watch ON ME? I am an asset to this “Team” that the others have yet to realize.

After yet another polar bear attack we were left with more unusable amounts of meat and we trudged forward. After some amount of travel we came across the source of this wretched cold: A portal to Irrisen. We dispatched of its guardian with little hassle and were shortly there after met with the arrival of a strange old man. He went on and on, spewing nonsense about being a “Black Rider of Baba Yaga”. Needless to say, these are nothing but the words of a madman. He told us that we would have to deactivate some sort of tower using the “keys” he gave us, that were nothing more than random objects. One of these is a mask that I took into my possession. He proceeded to “activate” the “Keys” by slitting his throat and ending his poor excuse for an existence.

Sadly, these fools I’ve been cooperating with dragged me through the portal, via the rope that tied us all together in this abominable snow, and to a nearby village. Here we took refuge from an oncoming blizzard inside of an igloo, where we were spoken to by a woman standing outside. She questioned us about our reasons for being in Irrisen. I saw no harm in telling her about the crazed old man in the forest who told us to come here. While I may not have seen anything wrong in my words, the other members of the party showed their disapproval. In the morning we wandered the town and found that it was strikingly similar to the one we had left on the other side of world, villagers included. Shortly afterwards we were attacked by a couple at the local pub. We quickly dispatched of them due to their less than mediocre fightong ability, and I personally left their establishment ablaze.

For how much longer will I have to deal with these imbeciles? And for how much longer must I wait for my goals to be met? Only time will tell . . .



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