Reign of Winter

Katryn's Log 6

After waking up covered in gore, I decided the first thing I should do is get washed off and dress in clean clothes. Luckily the place where we rested was a bathing area, so I quickly took advantage of that. The others didn’t really bother me, and truth be told it wouldn’t bother me for them to see. After all, my fur was my only clothing for a long time, locked in those rooms, forced into death matches against other children like me…

We ascended the stairs and faced Muriel, I helped to end her, because it was her who sent those guards after us. Unfortunately, the spellcaster decided to open doors qucikly and put us all in danger. I was called upon to use my rage against a giant of a woman who healed supernaturally fast. Zantai, Zantai, he took attacks for me and even, I feel, protected others when I was uncontrollable. Things begin to blur. I hope to apologize because I did scratch him up pretty good today.

I’m sorry I can’t control myself.



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