Reign of Winter

Katryn Log 9

I faced the man who did those horrible things to me. I mowed down many of his creations, one after another as he came after me, but I could not keep fighting. When he sent my own sister after me, I collapsed, exhausted, and injured. My friends were able to disable him and revived me. He taunted me, wanting me to kill him, but I would not. In that moment I realize that if I did kill him, I would be playing right into his hands.

I am a monster, and I must change that.

We saved my sister and I vow to control myself, to find a way to channel this anger into something positive and show her how to live her life separated from that mad man.

We rescued children from his clutches. If I were a better person I would have adopted them all if I could. But I must continue on and I will take my sister with me. Maybe together we can defeat that wolf who continues to haunt us.



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