Reign of Winter

Katryn Log 8

So much time has passed since I last reflected on what happened. We had so many battles, that they seem to bleed together. Even when Siliel was dragged, kicking and screaming by some Horrible Thing, my mind was clouded, as if I was going through the motions with no real goal in sight.

Our travels were scarred by a monstrous winter wolf. No matter how many times we tried to kill him, he would always come back. He is like a nightmare, personified, and I feel myself slipping deeper and deeper every time we face him. In fact, sometimes I hear whispers, whispers from Siliel, and those from Zantai are growing stronger…

Once we arrived in Whitethrone, we met a gatekeeper named Greta. She is a winter wolf, and by the way she wielded her axe, I saw her as a powerful fighter. But I did not sense the same sort of feral evil that was in that other wolf nor his minions he sent to kill us. She took a fancy to Telom while he was disguised as a Winter Wolf, but he paid her no mind. The party suggested getting close to her in order to seek aid from someone inside the town. I volunteered because no one else wanted to. So I donned a hat of disguise and the same item that allowed Telom to be a wolf.

During my talk with Greta, we talked about a great many things, but I turned the conversation mostly toward our quest. The more time I spent with her, the more time I wished she was my friend, and the more I felt terrible for deceiving her. When my one disguise failed, she could smell the deception. I came clean and showed my true form, and she was most displeased. Though she was happy to help us rescue that monster Baba Yaga, she did not seem to want to have anything to do with me.

I have found him! Dr. Zerstung! The man who was responsible for the terrrible things that have happened to me! He will pay for what he has done, for the lives he has ruined, for the children he twisted into terrible creaturs. For turning me into the monster I am today!



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